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Product Family


EPICO is our large-format variant in a country house style. This member of our product family is particularly varied in all colors and variations. A versatile natural talent. Largest format: 2,400 x 240 mm, smallest format: 1400 x 140 mm EPICO modern is a variant of our classic EPICO parquet, which can be laid herringbone.


B:HARD is our Power wood, which (as the name suggests) is characterized by a reinforced wooden surface. This surface is refined with a special technology and thus get‘s it‘s particularly robust properties. Thus the ideal companion for anyone who wants a particularly hard-wearing wooden floor. 


Our ACTUS is the traditional parquet strip. It is characterized by small and fine sticks. Ideal for a wide variety of laying patterns such as herringbone and Co.

European Natural Wood Flooring

Knowledge handed down over generations in combination with modern perspectives and Techniques Stöckl Parkett combines the best of both worlds. Explore the different woods brought to you from sustainbly managed forests - Oak, Ash, Beech, Canadian Maple, American Walnut, Smoked Oak.

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Tradition of Craftsmanship

"Our goal is to act in harmony with nature and to create a healthy basis for your home. The tradition of craftsmanship and the longevity of our wood products shape our philosophie. We offer you a sustainable foundation for your premises. All woods are obtained from sustainable forestry. The production of our parquet floors takes place in our factory in Lower Austria."

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