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Design & Decor Technical Services

Explore comprehensive solutions to all your interior requirements!

At Lobo & Listone, you will find a wide range of services that help you build your perfect home and spaces. From design to installations and more, we believe that we can make things possible!

01. Installations

Well-installed interiors and flooring can last a lifetime. Our teams are trained to install and deliver the best quality and finishing of your chosen products.

02. Design Assistance

Our in-house designers and architects provide homeowners and designers with a comprehensive solution to their interior requirements.

03. Maintenance

From the preparation of the sub-floor to installation (adhesive and nails/cleats) to finishes and post-installation maintenance - we do it all!

04. Refurbishment

With modern protective technologies and facilities for refurbishing, materials can help maintain the look and feel of all products as brand new.

Let's work together!

Give voice to your design sensibilities with innovative products

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