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Design & Decor Technical Services

Innovative Designs & Detailed Execution

Build the perfect outdoor spaces. Whether you are reimagining spaces that have always been there or creating something original from scratch, the versatility, practicality, and longevity of these products will astound you.


 Bringing together art and décor, these exclusively designed Italian wallpapers are a perfect addition to enhance and elevate any space. Explore a wide range of luxurious wallpapers.

Explore an exclusive and customizable collection of Metal art, surfaces, and finishes. Adorn your spaces with detailed and handcrafted pieces that reflect the refined taste and personal styles.


Hardwood and engineered wood floors that are sourced from sustainably grown forests. Working closely with architects and designers, we specialize in helping our clients enjoy bespoke wood flooring solutions. Our passion for excellence and service reflects in the long list of delighted clients. 


Realizing custom-made doors with full architectural respect for the place, attention to detail and a refined vision for the overall structure is what our clients take pride in.  

This innovative Lighting technology aims to revolutionize the interaction between humans and power, by positioning humans in the center of the System, making them the absolute leaders of their environment, that constantly adapt to their inhabitants’ needs.

Innovation, exceptional aesthetic design, and cutting-edge functionality help transfer architectural vision within the kitchen space. These kitchens are a  result of research and experimentation. No longer a simple surface but an aesthetic, protective and functional space.

Explore all the possibilities of Design & Decor with

Lobo & Listone

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