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Design & Decor Technical Services


System 4.1

The door for the 4.1 project makes this technology it's own and is built like architecture. The cannulated aluminum internal structure can be dressed with a wooden plank finish or with a lacquered counter panel. A dress meant to protect but also express.

System 3.1

3.1 continues the creation of formal and aesthetic solutions in order to generate a clear connection between function and model resulting from a culture of industrial design. Matter, design, technology to give security and contemporary solutions to the project. Creating contents and models to interpret at best the multiple needs of daily living.

System 2.1

Contemporary solutions for a kitchen space, 2.1 gives the designer a complete and efficient industrial product, answering to the multiple functional-aesthetic requests, creating unique spaces and projects.

Modern Italian Kitchens

Copatlife offers the highest level kitchen design solutions for the appearance and the functionality of the products. Product ranges include shelving, storage, lighting, worktops, panels, seating and much more. Explore a wide and exclusive range of modern Italian kitchen solutions – perfect for creating an atmosphere of warm and luxurious hospitality.

Unravel refined sophistication

of Italian kitchens

System 4.1

The architectural experience, transferred within the kitchen space, has allowed us to conceive an evolved envelope. The door 4.1 is the perfect result of research and experimentation, no longer a simple surface but an aesthetic, protective and functional device.

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