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Krügers HKS offers a dimensionally stable flooring in professional two layer construction. This one strip plank wood flooring is made of an oak top layer based on first class birch plywood. The technical characteristics reduce risk of bending and gaps. Krügers is flexible in thicknesses and especially good to use for renovation with only 12 mm thickness. Natural oil and wax ensure resistant and ecologic surfaces.


Krügers Exclusive tongue & grooved end matched system attaches the planks seamlessly together. The dark Bamboo deckings incorporate producer‘s patented fusion technology. Bamboo light deckings are manufactured with a new patented CeramiX® technology which allows the deckings to keep their natural bamboo colour. Both of these superior bamboo products are qualified for commercial and residential outdoor applications.

Swedish Wooden Surfaces

Established for more than 185 years, Krugers stands for exceptional experience and expertise in wood. Their main focus has always been on sourcing wood specialties from all over the world. They pride in respectful and sustainable approach to the nature, also FSC® certified since 2008. Explore their wide range of wood flooring products across parquet, decking and edge glued panels.

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Over 180 years of expertise

Krugers key competence is wooden flooring in the domestical species of oak. Whether as a classic solid wood plank or a technically advanced engineered parquet, whether in the design as a plank or as a Herringbone/Chevron pattern, they offer the right floor for each requirement and every room setting in a variety of different colours and structures.

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