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Design & Decor Technical Services


Creative WallCoverings

Collection XI incorporates and reinterprets with a personal touch echoes of the contem-porary art and fashion world, ethnic accents and fairytale hints of green.

Hydra Collection on GlamFusion®

A stylish and functional addition to spaces that are in contact with water, resulting in sensorial experiences that achieve physical and mental equilibrium. 

Komorebi Collection

Komorebi Collection on GlamPure, The Organic Wallcovering, has been created to fulfil the desires of those who love beauty and elegance, and who seek sustainable interior design solutions which support the wellbeing of those who use them.

Bespoke Design Wall Coverings

Glamora translates its Italian expertise into unique wallpapers. The custom-made wallcoverings allow architects and interior designers to convey the desired identity and atmosphere to any interior. 

Build your desired identity and atmosphere to any space!

Sophisticated &


Glamora’s distinguishing feature is its constant commitment to innovation, a value evident both in the creation of new coverings whose textures are pleasing to the touch and which are eco-friendly and recyclable in its distinctive, original, contemporary style.

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