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Italian Hardwood Flooring

Its warmth, its naturalness and solidity make GIʎNT® a unique, inimitable product. A rare, prestigious wood flooring that, thanks to its wide range of wood species and different processing, enrich every room and gives a distinctive personality your dream house.

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Why Choose GIʎNT®?

  • For its authentic beauty and preciousness.

  • For its big dimensions.

  • Because it is ecologically perfect.

  • Because it is entirely made in Italy, in the grand tradition of hand-craftsmanship and quality manufacturing .

  • Because it is the ideal solution on heating flooring.

  • Because it is made exclusively of noble hardwood in an infinite range of natural colors.

TILES Collection

GIʎNT® tiles are all made of prefinished solid hardwood flooring planks 20 mm. Thick, that are cut in various fixed lengths and arranged in a decorative pattern to create a mosaic effect.

PRIMITIVE Collection

GIʎNT® Primitive is precious Oak wood handcrafted with innovative processing systems which add new tactile and visual perceptions to the primal charm of this wood-species.

GIʎNT® Collection

The warmth of natural wood, the solidity of its structure, the big dimensions in which it is produced. A rare and precious plank for those who are used to choose only the best and are not willing to have to settle for a compromise.

BRITISH Collection

Traditional-made in Italy hand craftsmanship & British flair gives life to a unique collection made of pure solid Oak, enriched by brand new natural finishes & color nuances, according to the latest Interior Design trends.


The same quality as usual in a new shape: GIʎNT® rides the wave of the Herringbones decorating trend adding the preciosity of its solid parquet boards to the opulent design of the most wanted patterns.

Featured Collection
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