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Flooring Solutions

Vermeister has been giving wood flooring its undivided attention since 1975 and this concentration, together with the experience acquired, enables them to be a true reference point as far as the treatment and maintenance of wood floors are concerned. They have formulated a range of “easy to use” and extremely effective products to satisfy requirements for all types of treatment or finish


Know more about Vermeister products and solutions for wooden floors

Valued Expertise

Vermeister was founded in 1975 as a small family business, one of the first in the world of wooden floors for which it has a real vocation: products for the installation, treatment, and maintenance. 

Vermeister was the first company in the world in the "wooden flooring" sector to formulate a product for the treatment of wooden floors, free from emissions which, in addition to having extremely high-quality standards, is the best in terms of respect for people and of the environment.

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