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Design & Decor Technical Services



Wooden floor and wall material, which incorporates the best innovative technology LOCKSTP, offering a luxurious and exclusive parquet.


Classic designs for today's most avant-garde spaces. Seductive wooden  pieces   shaped “Chevron” give mobility to your floor creating elegant and selective atmospheres.


Every piece is designed and developed by handcraft.


Amazing forms and animated backgrounds that capture your interest. Handcrafted wooden pieces to decorate and create exclusive spaces.

New Dimensions of Wood

Several wood species modulated on a variety of formats: from planks with contemporary taste to new formats that allow special layouts and original combinations.


Explore the full potential of wood for your spaces

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LockSTP is an innovative glueless flooring system.

Precision interlocking joints provide perfect grip and endurance, all without use of adhesives.

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Wall decorations made by sandblasting system wear the most intimate and cozy spaces. Combinable with all our wood and leather products to decorate your dreams.


Noble wood mosaics tiles  to wear and give warmth to your house. They are handcrafted developed  to obtain designs of unique effects with water-repellent treatment.


Wooden planks in traditional sizes with style and natural sensations, with the exclusive and added value of our technology LOCKSTP  which enables us to combine different materials, shapes, and textures to make unique and memorable spaces.


Exclusive floors and walls in natural skin developed for the most luxurious spaces. 

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