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Design & Decor Technical Services


Vinyl Planks

BOEN’S main product is engineered hardwood flooring in approximately 13 various wood types, with a choice of thicknesses to cover different needs. BOEN is known for its wide and unique colour ranges as well as its very European matte finishes.

The product range includes a large selection of 3-strip, plank and patterned hardwood flooring. They also have small, medium, wide and very wide plank selections for your project requirements.


Hardwood Flooring 

The Norwegian heritage of experience and craftsmanship makes Boen's products unique in the international market. Additionally, BOEN Sport is our specialist department for the sale and development of tailor-made flooring for indoor sports facilities. 


Discover designs that elevate

your home

Explore a wide range of flooring

Boen offers a variety of surfaces, colors, species, designs, formats and treatments to match all styles.

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